New Job Boards: Hidden Network

Well, about a year ago I had the opportunity to start my own job site. The numbers looked reasonable, the niche looked reasonable, the dollars were there, but I just couldn't get passionate about it so I passed. Fast forward a year and Joel Spolsky, 37signals, and Hidden Network have all gotten into the game. Doh.

Well, after playing with and checking out all of them, I realized that each one fits into a slightly different niche and I decided to become a member of the “Hidden Network”.

To be brutally honest, I joined the Hidden Network solely because The Daily WTF is hilarious. It's funny because it's true. And yes, I have recognized one code snippet. Anyway, I figured that by joining the network, I could show some appreciation, and potentially bring in a small amount of revenue with this blog. After all, the ad revenue is covering all of CaseySoftware's hosting costs and is well on its way to funding the next server. 😉

Regardless, I think each one takes a little bit of a different look at the market and matching qualified people with employers. It is exciting to see where each will go.