Project Importer v4.0 Release Notes

A Project Importer update is available for web2project from the downloads page.

Version 4.0 marks a major update in the Project Importer module. While many changes are minor, there are some significant updates to performance and general reliability:

Release Notes:

  • Added some hr tags and lined up some input boxes to make the UI cleaner.
  • Updated the module structure (paths and names) to use the core web2project autoloader and simplify the includes code.
  • Refactored much of the Project/Task/Contact creation code into its proper class methods instead of raw DBQuery calls. Updated those calls to use the object validation results. Further moved this code into the base CImporter class to reduce duplication.
  • Applied some major patches from Alain Picard to handle larger and larger file sizes. In most cases, this is a 20-25% improvement, but some imports can get as much as an 80% improvement in processing time.
    • ~95 Tasks process in ~4 seconds using 12MB at peak;
    • ~450 Tasks process in ~50 seconds using 15MB at peak;
    • ~1100 Tasks process in ~180 seconds using 380MB at peak;

This release can be downloaded here: Project Importer v4.0