Project Management – Thoughts by Asaf Gilad

Hello, my name is Asaf Gilad.

I’m an information systems engineer and nowadays I work in a consulting company for project management.

During my very short career I have managed to work as a programmer, system analyst and project officer. The lack of a solid experience in any of those functions makes it very difficult for me to find out what is the secret for a good project.

I’m well aware that no one has solved this riddle before and that probably, no one ever will. I have spoken with a lot of people: friends, colleges and even a couple of CEO’s. I’ve read books which represent the opinions of many others. It seems that a “teach your self project management in 21 days” book is just not practical.

So, as you probably understood by now, I’m not going to write about new methods or new ideas. I will present this exciting world from my point of view and as I understand it.

I have mentioned before my multi disciplines point of view which let me examine this world from a multiple different and sometimes opposite angles:
I know what it is like to be a developer in a cubic or a mechanic in the operation floor. You do your best; work all day long, only to get a basic salary or less and being criticized by all.
I also know the huge pressures on the management that must master enormous volumes of data and some out turn it into information and if this monstrous task is not enough, it has to take good decisions as fast as possible.
I also know that the project manager is trapped in the middle in a position which is hard to accept: the employees just don’t have the time or the will for this overhead effort and the management feels like they are loosing control by letting the project manager manage the project.

I’ll try to solve this conflict for me by analyzing the tasks of the PMO and hope that you’ll find this little brain storming interesting.

Asaf Gilad