Revamping the CaseySoftware Blog

Well, for those of you who have followed this blog over the past 9 months or so, you've seen CaseySoftware grow from a small side business when I was forced to blog as “KC” and “CEO” in order to stay a bit anonymous to a small business where I lead a great team which I am immensely proud of and talk about regularly.

In the meantime, I've started CodeSnipers which serves as an open community to give developers a chance to share ideas and compare notes. It has been growing quite steadily due to the efforts of myself, some sharp people sharing great ideas, and a few people actually being interested in us. I believe that we've nearly reached critical mass where great people constantly attract other great people and this will only make the community even better.

As a spin off from that group, I've also started the ProjectManagementBlog which is just getting off the ground and still looking for great people with thoughts to share. We're no where near critical mass, but we've caught the attention of a few people. There's no where to go but up!

These things have caused me to reevaluate the CaseySoftware Blog. By no stretch of the imagination will I turn this into a diary or simply stop blogging. Instead, I have decided that most of my deep-in-the-trenches coding discussions will be posted on CodeSnipers and the majority of my Project Management discussions will be posted on the Project Management Blog… so what will I be posting here?

First of all, I will be posting my personal spill-over from the other two sites. While I serve as Editor-in-Chief, I don't want to risk overshadowing other sharp people. After all, sometimes you have to shut your mouth to listen.

Next, I'm going to be talking about my business. I already do this quite often and will continue to write about how specific business strategies, concepts, etc are applicable in different ways. Like always, only once in a while will it be raw self-promotion. 😉

Next, I'm going to be talking about the Open Source community and how it touches my and other businesses. Whether you like it or not, Open Source technology is going to have an impact on your business… whether it's a better browser, creative web tools, or decreasing your infrastructure costs.

Next, I'm going to invite some of my business partners and customers to share my space. I believe that most of them have some great things to say… they just need to be encouraged to do it.

Finally, I will discuss technology in general. Let's face it, although I'm no longer my own lead developer, I am a geek at heart. Therefore, there will be lots of discussion on technology toys, concepts, etc that I'll be sharing.

Don't worry, I'm putting categories in place throughout this week.

So watch the space change over the next week, I think most of you will be very happy about it.