The ever changing landscape of Project Management

As the days spin forward changes are in the wind. The new PMBOK is just around the corner and only God knows what will change.

I have been doing some work for PM Mentors in Austin, helping to edit curriculum and develop a PMI test simulator. They have a 97% pass rate with their students, so I am am fairly intimate with many of the subtle changes in the certification exam that have already happened. Do you know what a “stakeholder networking meeting” is? Or which former PMI suggested meeting name it replaces?

Most changes in the exam are not announced. Heck, they may not see the light of day till the new PMBOK arrives! That is one reason sites like this are so helpful… professionals can exchange ideas and stay on the cutting edge with up-to-date info. There are ethical considerations too- PMI does not want testing PMP candidates to disclose the specifics of the exam. And rightly so. A Project Manager should know the job well, not learn it by rote.

For those of you who are project managers and have never sought your certification but are considering it… be aware that a lot of the stuff on the exam is not in the “Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge.”

Okay, the “project briefing meeting” appears to now be the “stakeholder networking meeting.” If you know of any other items in the PMBOK which are obsolete or things it would be helpful for certification candidates to know about(without being unethical) post it. May all your projects succeed!