There's Nothing Better than Launching a Site…

It's getting closer.

You see your todo list shrinking and growing all at once.

You see your inbox grow faster than you can read.

Your IM client is exploding with news… good and bad.

Ah, you must be making a release.

As I write this – 08 Oct 2007 – this month I've prepared two major sites for launch and actually launched a third. All were relatively well planned in terms of the todo list, critical pieces, who had what responsibilities, and where things were likely to go/not go wrong.

Of course, as one brilliant general – Helmuth von Moltke the Elder – once said:

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.

There is nothing more true. No matter how well you plan, when you have a fixed deadline, lots of moving parts, and an imperfect set of information – sort of the definition of life 😉 – some things are going to wrong. Some things can go horribly wrong…. but they don't have to. When you have a focused team, shared goals, and good preparation, it can actually work.

Last night, I had the opportunity to be involved in one of those. Yes, things went wrong. Yes, there were difficulties. Yes, we came down to the wire. Yes, there was lots of stress.

Despite all of that, I had complete confidence in the team. Issues were being closed as quickly as they came up. The issues themselves were mostly cosmetic. Updates were happening so quickly and easily, it was stunning. We didn't finish until almost 1am EST and there are still a number of small issues that are still open and changes that need to be made, but it's there. It's live. It's functional.

Ann write up her own coverage titled "The Importance of Meeting Deadlines". Oh yeah, and that's the site and my new startup.