Twas the Night Before Demo

This is an ancient post (2007!) from a long-defunct startup where I led the dev team. Since it’s about that time of year, I thought I would share here. I wrote the second stanza.

Twas the night before demo and all through the chat
the devs were heads-down churning code as they sat.
The profiles and groups list were styled out with care,
In the hopes that St. Investor-us soon would be there.
No one was napping, but rather, instead
typing and coding and dreaming of bed.
And I at my keyboard, with my pup at my feet
had just settled down to finish committing a tweak. (LD)

And I at my keyboard, handling the merge
where pounding my head, was my only true urge.
Watching the code fly and watching it churn,
sleep and caffeine, feeling the burn.
Passing things back and forth on the fly,
watching one by one as the bugs die. (Keith)

All I can do is watch, click, click and test
point out the bugs, without being a pest
was about to add things to the todo list
Darcy said no, it’s already fixed
How very lucky I am, and what an amazing team
before my eyes on the screen, I’m looking at my dream (AB)

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