web2project Status Update:All Quiet

The last week week – since theweb2project v1.0 Release Candidate – has been very quiet.  It's not entirely out of choice, it's partially due to the effort involved in rolling a Release… even if it's just a candidate.  And in addition, it makes sense to give everyone a bit of time to play with the system, collect their notes, submit their bugs, and generally provide useful feedback.

On that note, we have 13 open issues.  Most are high priority and require a definite response and update before Release, but there's one where we need some help.

We could us assistance on Issue #112 – related to Translation Management.  Most of the people/groups that I know of using web2project are predominantly English-speaking so their usage of translations is minimal at best.  Therefore, if you're a web2project user and use translations, please let me know so we can collaborate and make sure this is handled appropriately.