Web2project: v1.0 is Live!

I can’t believe that I forgot to announce this one:

As of 1am Eastern Time on 08 June 2009, v1.0 of Web2project has been released.

You can download web2project v1.0 from SourceForge and read the web2project v1.0 Release Notes on our wiki.  I’d love to dig into the notes and share some of the individual points, bugs fixed, improvements, features, etc of this release but there are just too many for a single post or even a short series.  In fact, I didn’t even realize how many we were dealing with until I put together the release notes.

This one was a long time in coming so a few thanks are in order:

  • Personally, I’d like to thank Team Lead Pedro Azevedo who brought me on board in November 2007.  I actually left the dotProject team prior and had only barely begun considering shopping around for a new project when he pitched me on joining up.  He had taken the dotProject stable_2 branch and already done some amazing things with it.  The permissions caching and most of the performance improvements are his doing.
  • I’d also like to thank Bruce Bodger.  I’m not sure of his “official” title on our little team, but he regularly supports and defends the needs of the customers first and always asks the “why” on different things.  He also runs the servers and scripts for our Nightly Snapshots which has made testing and Release Candidates so much easier to handle.
  • I’ve thanked him before, but Ray Cannon of Bluebeach Solutions in Kent England led the way in testing and debugging the Cascading Task Dependencies issue.  This is the single biggest issue for multiple years and although we don’t cover 100% of his test cases, we cover all except an edge case or two.  Regardless, we wouldn’t even know that if he hadn’t given us a huge hand in collecting information, etc.
  • The numerous contributors – sitordance, Large_Fries, amallick, Clockwise1974, eureka, and many others – for their efforts at identifying, reporting, and fixing issues of any shape or size.  By the way, you can report issues for web2project too. 😉

If you run into any problems with this release, PLEASE address them to the web2project forums.  Odds are if you’re having problems, others are too, so answering them together in one place makes much more sense and is a more productive use of everyone’s time.

And by the way, we’ve already sketched out a rough draft of the roadmap for v1.1 and come up with an estimated timeline for release.  You can review the web2project v1.1 plan yourself. A few things may shift into or out of that list, but that’s where it stands now.