Web2project v2.2 Release Notes

web2project homepageAs of 19 December 2010, web2project v2.2 is officially live! You can download it from SourceForge now.

While in many releases we might focus on cleanup or functionality or developer aspects or similar, this one is a mishmash of a bunch of useful updates on numerous fronts. This isn’t all of the updates but a bunch of the important ones:

For the Project Managers:

  • We reworked much of the Gantt Chart logic. We’ve added a few icons to better represent the status of tasks and milestones. To make the overall charts easier to understand, we’ve added a legend and shaded alternate lines.
  • Gantt Charts are now exportable as single-page PDFs. You can print, email, share, or whatever with just a click.
  • We updated Token Tasks – which represent Subprojects – to prevent direct editing. Further, more of the Subproject data synchronizes as expected.
  • Dependency Tracking is now ON by default. This will provide better cascading updates as their predecessors move.

For System Admins:

  • If System Timezone or System Admin Email are not set, the system will provide warning messages with links to the specific fields in the System Admin screens.
  • If filesystem permissions are properly configured, the Module screen supports direct uploading.
  • The Reports module has a permissions check applied. Previously, it did not.. though the underlying data was filtered appropriately.
  • The core system supports configurable pagination for the Project List screen and a few others.

For Developers:

  • We replaced our old Javascript library (Mootools) with jQuery. It’s faster, easier to use, and widely supported.
  • Added approximately 40 Unit Tests covering areas such as CDate and other classes.
  • Added a call in the Calendar Module to display arbitrary date-related information. A reference implementation is coming in the next release.

For General Users:

  • We’ve added Czech and Russian translations. If the dice rolls work out, we’ll move to Kamchatka next.
  • We’ve set the field focus to the first text box on each screen.
  • Private Tasks are now respected on all screens including Gantt Charts.
  • We fixed a number of visual issues.

Finally, special thanks goes to community member Opto who consistently submits great bug reports, shares useful patches, and provides random insights that help and speed things along. Thanks!

And that wraps our releases for 2010.

This year we managed 1 Major Release, 3 Minor Releases, and 1 Patch Release. Most of the releases were a week or two later than we wanted but we managed to get all of them out on schedule. More importantly, each and every release has managed to provide new functionality and close bugs while collecting and responding to community feedback.

And in case you missed our recent coverage on SourceForge, check it out!