web2project – While No One was Looking

web2project calendar screenshotWhen no one was looking last week, it happened:

web2project became available.

Now to be clear, it's not the full v1.0 release, it's the first release candidate. In case you want to compare this with other projects, here's a quick summary of the differences:

  • The UI has been rebuilt from the ground up. You'll notice the obvious things like the rounded corners and better overlib usage, but the more important aspects are the better XHTML compliance and CSS usage. Who knows… Section 508 compliance could be next. 😉
  • The permissions system has a useful caching mechanism built in now. This has reduced the overall number of requests to check permissions by a bit… like 90%. Since the system previously spent 50%+ of its time calculating permissions, I suspect you'll notice the difference.
  • Also, on the permissions system, you can also get answers to questions like "who can see my project?" For environments where security and confidentiality is important, this becomes vital for validation purposes.
  • Finally, you'll notice some coding standards in place. While we're not fully PEAR-compliant (my first choice), we went with the Cake Framework standards. Since web2project is more of a platform than most other options, this made quite a bit of sense…

If you're familiar with the dark arts that are svn (aka svn co), you can grab the latest and greatest code from Sourceforge directly. When the v1.0 release happens, you'll read about it here. As always, feedback is welcome.

Our ohloh stats are a bit low at the moment, but there's plenty of time and excitement for growth. Especially once the new partnerships are announced. 😉