Why dotProject hosting?

Since the main portion of CaseySoftware launched two days ago, I've had a nearly continuous stream of questions concerning the dotProject hosting. They vary from “when will it be available?” to “why should I pay you? Hosting service X already has it!” to “what modules will you have available?”

Let me address these top three one at a time.

First, it is available now. Due to our deployment methodology, we can have you online in a matter of minutes in the vast majority of cases. If you place an order at 2am EST (local time), you can expect to wait until morning. Any other time from 8am to 8pm EST, you'll be quite happy with the response.

Next, why should you pay CaseySoftware to host dotProject for you?

You are correct, most hosting services give you the option to intsall dotProject via Fantastico or another interface. That sounds great and will get you online in a matter of minutes. Of course, their version is currently a year out of date and comes with zero support. You still have to manage the database, you still have to manage updates, and you have to worry about the backup of all these systems. If you have a single employee spend more than a couple hours a month doing this, you are likely missing out on billable hours. If your people are not familiar with php and mysql, this problem is multiplied.

Our deployment methodology allows us to deploy, secure, and maintain all of our customers quite simply from a centralized maintenance interface. Our backup procedures are entirely automated and validated on a regular basis.

I have distinguished myself in a variety of Project Management roles on IT projects at government and private organizations. I have worked with groups ranging in size from two to sixty on multi-year multi-disciplinary projects. While an experienced Project Manager does not ensure success, lack of a Project Manager ensures failure.

In addition to being one of the core members of the dotProject development team (username: caseydk), we also have Ivan (username: cyberhorse) on staff. KC lives in the dotProject support forums and Ivan lives and breathes the dotProject codebase. Who is better qualified to track and make updates to your system?

And most importantly: which modules will we have available?

Our answer: Any module that has been released for the dotProject v2.0 codebase. [We do NOT work with dotProject v1.0.2 anymore due to an insufficient permission/security architecture.] The first modules will be brought online within the next week and will consist of the updated Timesheets and the RSS Project Status module (not currently released publicly). The next ones on the agenda will be the dotProject/Mantis Integration module and Mambo integration. Both of these are currently under development.

I think the more important question is, why shouldn't you host with us?