Greetings and Hello. I normally don't post in the afternoon, but I just wanted to send out a “Thank You” to all of those who have come to visit.

I managed get get about 10x as many hits as I normally do and I'm still sitting about double or triple my average.

For those of you who may be interested:

CaseySoftware is an independent software vendor utilizing tools from the Open Source community to build customized business solutions. We believe that there's no reason for small business to miss out on basic infrastructure when most of it is available in the Open Source community. We work with quite a few of the major components – Content Management Systems like Mambo, Drupal, and Exponent; forum systems such as phpBB; eCommerce solutions such as osCommerce and ZenCart; issue tracking systems like Mantis; and Project Management tools like dotProject – to find a best fit solution for our clients and minimize overall development and deployment costs. We are especially fond of dotProject as two of our developers are on the core development team and offer dotProject hosting services. Please feel free to contact us at webmaster [at]

What does that mean? Simple. We believe in the power of small business. Our developers have worked for a number of large corporate and government clients. Unfortunately, one of the things that we've seen over and over again is HUGE budgets being spent to re-implement something that can be obtained for free. For example, a previous employer of mine is building a Customer Relationship Management System from scratch. Why bother when the distinguished gentlemen over at SugarCRM have already done this? Doesn't this seem like a waste of your budget?

Why not start with SugarCRM and simply tweak it for your needs? You can do the same with dotProject, phpBB, Mantis, and a variety of other tools (functionalities are explained above).

THIS is the power of Open Source.

Imagine if you had the architect's ear before your house was built… move that wall… add another bedroom… add a breakfast nook.

It's not a decision of Build vs Buy.
It's a decision of Buy vs Adjust.

If you're interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us:

You won't be disappointed.

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