ZendCon 2007 Presentation – The Bionic App

I received word late on Friday afternoon, one of my presentation proposals for ZendCon 2007 was accepted:

The Bionic App

We can rebuild it, we have the technology. Usually when we think of rebuilding an application, the first step is to start from a clean slate… losing the lessons we've learned before. Fortunately, we have an alternative. By using tools like the ZendFramework, Smarty, and your favorite Ajax library, you can bring even the most boring application up to date and implement completely new functionality quickly with minimal disruption.

Of the proposals I submitted, I'm the most excited about this one as I get to talk a bit of strategy, a bit of code, and I get to talk about major development efforts that I've undertaken in the last year. My goal with any of my presentations is to cause the audience to walk out saying "wow, I want to try that" or "I think I can use that here". So now I get to walk the tightrope of trimming enough to fit into a single hour but still giving the audience something actionable.

The full list of speakers and presentations is announced and features some familiar faces such as Eli White, Bill Karwin (Project Manager of the Zend Framework), Ben Ramsey, and quite a few others.

If you're wondering what the conference is about, you can read my coverage of both of the previous years: ZendCon 2006 and ZendCon 2005.

Update: Cal Evans of Zend just passed along a speakers' badge: