ZendCon Uncon 2009 – Update

Well somehow it got to be that time of year again… at present, we're less than two weeks from ZendCon 2009.  Odds are, if you're going, you've already booked your flight, bought your tickets, maybe even reviewed the schedule a couple times and marked your have to see sessions.

But odds are that you missed something:  Your session.

I know, I know.  Your session wasn't accepted this year – the competition was fierce – but you have one more shot in the ZendCon Uncon.

Alright, quite a few people still don't know what an Unconference is…  An Unconference is an event where attendees pitch ideas they want to present, everyone votes on ideas they want to see, and we schedule the whole thing at the last minute.  Yes, it's a little chaotic but it ends up being a great place to explore new ideas, new presentations, and even give new speakers a chance to stand out.  The exciting thing is that the format is open.  You can give a standard presentation, participate or lead a round table or panel discussion, or even do a hands-on workshop.  Last year we had a round table on “Women in IT”, a presentation on the internals of Adobe AIR, and a panel discussion on updating your technology infrastructure on a shoestring and a prayer.

This year we already have ideas ranging from Doctrine 2.0 to PHP on Windows to PHP User Groups to Unit Testing with the Zend Framework to… well, you still need to submit yours, don't you?

All you need to do is visit: http://joind.in/event/zendcon09-uncon and submit your idea or vote on ideas of interest.

And even if you can't afford ZendCon this year, not a problem.  My friend and unindicted co-conspirator Eli White (Community Manager at Zend) managed to negotiate an ZendCon Uncon pass for only $99 using discount code: UNSP9.

Unfortunately, you only have two days left… after October 9th, your only option is to buy a pass on site.