ZendUnCon 2008 – Update 2

The ZendCon UnCon planning is underway.. .the second batch of presentations have been chosen.  The goal is to have about 80% of the sessions chosen before we get there.  There will be a number of slots reserved for last minute ideas, discussions that stem out of a conference presentations, or adhoc hackathons.

With no further ado, here we go:

First, we have Rich UIs and Easy XHR with Dojo and Zend Framework from Matthew Weier O’Phinney.  As one of the lead guys on the Zend Framework and intimately familiar with Dojo, he's going to get into the guts and details of things most of us have been fighting with.  Bring your code, bring your questions, and bring a few tricks of your own.

Next, we have what might begin a Framework Battle Royale…  Derick Rethans
will lead a session on Your Own Framework with eZ Components.  Right off the bat, he acknowledges  that few frameworks are perfect for any particular application.  That said, he believes – and will demonstrate – how to build your own custom components using eZ Components as a starting point.

Finally, we have PHP on the Desktop from Elizabeth Smith.  Usually when we think of PHP, we think of the applications and sites that we use every day.  Building things for the desktop never crosses most of our minds… but why not?  Why can't we leverage the same skills and languages with a different wrapper?  Elizabeth thinks we can and has developed some tips to get you moving.

If you're attending ZendCon and want to get in on the fun, post an idea, pitch people on it, and see what happens.