On Late Projects

As a followup to my earlier posts on Project Management: Art or Science?, I thought I should share the second major point to come out of that conversation: “How do you fix a late project?” I know about half of you just thought “That's easy, you just…” and a myriad of answers followed. Let me […]

Announcement: Watch this space

On May 2nd, this site is going to radically change, so here's the announcement: If you go to http://blogs.CaseySoftware.com/ then there's no problem, you're unlikely to notice the difference. If you go to http://CaseySoftware.com/ then you'll have to update your bookmarks/rss feeds because the site is going to become a bit more “corporate”. Nothing of […]

A Huge Oversight

After working so hard to get content up on this site on a regular basis, to get a generally pleasing layout, and provide all kinds of information on dotProject, Mantis, SugarCRM, etc, someone pointed out a huge oversight: I don't have the contact information on the site. CaseySoftware, LLC Falls Church, VA webmaster at CaseySoftware […]

Project Management: Art or Science?

Approximately a week ago, I was speaking with some senior execs at another technology company about some potential Project Management opportunities and where CaseySoftware could assist in their efforts. Throughout the discussion, they asked the standard questions about company history, previous and current projects, etc. After talking for a bit, we got down to business […]

On Recruiting

Recently, I contacted a former colleage seeking recommendations for a specific parttime role within CaseySoftware. I assumed that being connected with that community would give him information on some people who are available and/or looking for side work. For some reason, he assumed that I was making him a job offer and wrote me a […]

A Change in Project Management?

Yesterday I came across an interesting article from PRNewswire. It seems that according to ChiefProjectOfficer.com that more and more corporations are employing and utilizing Project Management Offices. For those of you new to this, a Project Management Office (or PMO) is generally a one stop shop where all of the information from individual Project Managers […]