A Change in Project Management?

Yesterday I came across an interesting article from PRNewswire. It seems that according to ChiefProjectOfficer.com that more and more corporations are employing and utilizing Project Management Offices. For those of you new to this, a Project Management Office (or PMO) is generally a one stop shop where all of the information from individual Project Managers […]

The Problem of Customers

Can't work with them, can't… well, you know the rest. I know that is going to rub all of you the wrong way, but it had to be said. While my compatriot Patrick: The Customer Service Fanatic sees the benefits of huge benefits of valuing customers and working to meet their expectations, there is a […]

dotProject v2.0 Released!

After a year of development, anticipation, frustration, and dedication by an entire group of developers, dotProject v2.0 is live! There is a huge new feature set along with lots of those annoying little issues cleared up. Karen did a fantastic job at thanking everyone involved (I'm caseydk over there), but she made one mistake. She […]

Taxation without Representation

In case you missed this little gem from the New York Court of Appeals: Court rules telecommuter must pay taxes. This has widespread and serious implications throughout the technology field. Here are just a few: First, contrary to popular beliefs, the teleworker Thomas Huckaby was actually an employee of the New York based firm. This […]

Why Open Source?

I've always considered myself a “creative problem solver.” In fact, I remember calling myself that when I was writing my application essays for various colleges. When I got to college, one of my professors told us quite clearly: “within 3-5 years of graduation, most of the information you've learned here will be completely out of […]