Technical Debt Doesn’t Disappear

A few weeks ago at the PHPBenelux Conference, I gave my presentation on the rebirth of dotProject as web2project where I covered one way of rebooting a project. But after catching Elizabeth Naramore’s talk on “Technical Debt” again, it got me thinking.. Within web2project, we made the deliberate decision to work on our technical debt. […]

PHPBenelux 2011 Recap

Last week I attended and spoke at the PHPBenelux conference for the first time. What's unique about this conference is that it's entirely run by the local Benelux PHP Users Group. While there was lots of PHP-specific content, it also had a good mix of community and general concept talks too. I gave one session […]

CodeMash 2011 Recap

Last week I attended and spoke at CodeMash for the first time. For those unaware – and I was until last year – CodeMash is a community run effort that just wrapped its fifth year. Unlike most of the conferences I attend, there wasn’t much PHP and instead there was a heavy focus on .Net, […]

web2project Risk Management v1.0

As of Sunday, January 9th, the first version of the Risk Management Module is available for Web2project. While I’d love to be able to describe all the changes, the conversion process covered so many aspects, it’s hard to list them all. The most important ones are: It supports full permissions, so you can configure Roles […]

Recruiting Investor #2

In the past couple months, I've chatted quite a bit with different startup founders. Most were non-technical people looking for a developer to expand what they have (rare) or build it from the ground up (the vast majority). In all but a few cases, something rubbed me wrong about the conversations… In a few cases, […]

Working in a Startup Wonderland

As a sequel to last year’s T’was the Night Before Christmas: Cell phones ring are you listening on the web something’s missing No server in sight no one’s sleeping tonight working in a startup wonderland. Gone away are regular hours here to stay because it’s ours. We sing a new song and our hours are […]

Web2project v2.2 Release Notes

As of 19 December 2010, web2project v2.2 is officially live! You can download it from SourceForge now. While in many releases we might focus on cleanup or functionality or developer aspects or similar, this one is a mishmash of a bunch of useful updates on numerous fronts. This isn’t all of the updates but a […]

CodeWorks 2010 Recap

Approximately 10 days ago, I finished the 2010 CodeWorks Tour. This time around with 4 speakers hitting 5 cities, it was smaller, more compact, and generally a litte more intimate of an experience. Due to the odd nature of this one, I'm going to skip my usual “Good, Bad, Ugly” conference review format and go […]

ZendCon 2010 Recap

This was my sixth ZendCon and I've lost count of how many conferences overall. Regardless, this is one of the unique conferences in the PHP community as it's a blend of business and Open Source. Sometimes that works beautifully, sometimes not so much.. The Good First, the content was excellent. In past years, I've always […]