Your Resume and You

In the past few weeks, I've seen a ridiculous amount of resumes. From friends, contacts, job applicants, and lots of other people in between and almost without exception – and I mean this with the best heart possible – they suck. Some are misleading and/or false.  I know someone who lists his college experience starting […]

My Third Blogiversary

On a personal note…  It was three years ago this evening that I started blogging.  It's funny to go back and read that post: is Online.  I was traveling for a deadend job, was getting more enmeshed in a deadend without a hope of escaping.  I started this site and this blog to pave […]

Version Control and You – Part 3

Parts One and Two are available here… Via Jeff Atwood this morning, I found that there were others in this space… namely Ben Collins-Sussman one of the original three developers behind the concept, implementation and existance of Subversion. Psst. This is one of those times where if you're wearing a hat, you should take it […]

web2Project: Nearing Release

In recent weeks, I've gotten quite a few emails about web2Project and its direction since the fork from dotProject. I've been relatively quiet about it to date as there wasn't much I could show publicly. Now that is beginning to change based on the efforts of the Mighty Pedro… below are a number of screenshots […]

Version Control and You

When I was at the Library of Congress, I worked with a team lead – Duane Gran, one of my three readers – who hammered us when he joined the team. Our build process was lacking, our version control was non-existant, and our overall architecture… needed some work. But in no time he turned things […]

2007 DCPHP Conference – Day 1

This is the coverage of the first day of the 2007 DCPHP Conference. The Conference wrapped last week, so this is a bit more delayed than usual… Day 2 coverage will be online tomorrow. The Opening Keynote was from Chris Shiftlett of OmniTI talking about Security 2.0. One of the things that was obvious was […]

web2Project: What is it?

Since I'm getting a ridiculous amount of email since my post last week… I'm addressing it here once and for all. First, what web2Project isn't: No, dotProject and web2Project are not the same. web2Project is built on the existing dotProject framework. Call it a fork if you want, it would be appropriate for now. No, […]