web2Project: What is it?

Since I'm getting a ridiculous amount of email since my post last week… I'm addressing it here once and for all.

First, what web2Project isn't:

No, dotProject and web2Project are not the same. web2Project is built on the existing dotProject framework. Call it a fork if you want, it would be appropriate for now.

No, our goal is not to steal the dotProject community. We have different aims and specific users that we're working with in addition to a different direction.

No, we no longer have any affiliation with or direct involvement with the dotProject community. The two systems have separate release schedules, roadmaps, and futures. If you want to know about dotProject direction/timeline, don't ask us… we don't know.

Now, what web2Project is:

Yes, web2Project is built on the dotProject framework. For now there are quite a few common pieces of code and functionality. The biggest single change is a complete User Interface makeover… yes, incorporating many of the Web2.0 concepts we've come to know and love. Like rounded corners! 😉

Yes, web2Project is quietly active. Pedro, Mac Of the East, and I are all former dotProject contributors. Pedro and I are currently numbers 9 and 7 respectively based on # of commits (Source: Ohloh) and all three of us are in the top 5 contributors to the dotProject forums with Pedro and I being number one and two respectively.

Yes, we're actively engaging the community. Without an engaged and motivated community, we can't move quickly, ideas don't flow as quickly, and bugs don't get discovered or patched as quickly. Therefore, we're working on a variety of ways to involve and recruit the community based on what we've seen work elsewhere.

And finally, web2Project is being supported by some serious players. Since our focus is specifically on businesses and we all have relationships with many existing users, we're working closely with a number of them to involve them and their concerns. Some will end up being more involved than others, but many are already excited about the possibilities.

So what? When do I get to see this new direction?

Alright, valid point. And honestly, we don't have a definite date. We're still working on stabilizing the system and addressing some core issues and concerns. Regardless, you'll read about it here first.

Mostly because I'm in charge of that sort of thing… 😉