2008 Mid-Atlantic Business Plan Competition

At CxCC – "Central by" for the regulars 😉 – last month, I started pitching people on the idea of an entrepreneurial coup of sorts…

If you're not aware, the Mid-Atlantic Business Plan Competition is underway. It's not just underway, it's rolling with full steam towards the big day: 26 April 2008. That day is the no-holds-barred deathmatch of entrepreneur vs entrepreneur. There are presentations in the morning, a round of eliminations, and then the culmination of the entire contest… the finalists get to present in front of a public audience affectionately called the STARTUP SMACK DOWN.

And that audience should be the local DCTech community.

For months, we've been talking about how investors often ignore DC startups. How the local press kicks us when they're bored. And how we don't get nearly the attention or interest of our cousins on that other coast. The panel of judges includes a number of VC's, fund manager types, entrepreneurs, and even a more familiar face from the DC Tech scene. 😉

I think it's time to put up or shut up. If we storm the place… if we completely pack the final presentations with the best and brightest from the DC Tech community, people will notice. The VC's will do a double take. The professors will take note. The students competing will reconsider immediately leaving for friendlier places.

So Keith, what do we do?

First, share this post. Write up your own coverage, spread the word. Next, show up! Give up one Saturday afternoon to help us swarm the place.

Time: 1 – 5pm

Place: ICC Auditorium, Georgetown University (Building 26 on this map)

My goal is 200+ sharp people from the community. Are you going to be one of them?


Well, after this post, a few other people and groups picked it up. First, my friend and ally Jimmy Gardner covered it both on East Coast Blogging and then on Social Times. Then there he went ahead and created a Facebook Group – DC Technology Business Plan Competition Crashers – and set up an event to coordinate our efforts.

As of 11:30pm EST on 07 April, we have 18 people. About 10%!