Posting on 01 April

… just isn't worth it.

I have – on occasion – said something interesting, insightful, and even a bit provocative in this space. I had a post all lined up to go today.. and then I realized the date. I realized that at least two of my four readers don't know what I'm talking about most of the time, so I'm mostly writing for an audience of two… and since it's April Fools' Day at least one of those people wouldn't believe me anyway.

For example, when Gmail was announced on 01 April 2004, I didn't believe it. It was just so far out there and didn't make sense. Six weeks later, I was clamouring for an invite and managed to snag one through a friend of a friend of a friend who took mercy on my pitiful self.

So anyway, I – like my horribly unquotable friend Jimmy Gardner – am just waiting for 02 April to get here. Enjoy your jokes for today… some of them have been entertaining, but I'll wait to catch the news and read up until tomorrow.