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After nearly ten years, the Project Management Blog is no more. I simply didn't have the time or energy to keep it running by recruiting and working with writers and I personally had moved onto Product Management. Regardless, none of that content has disappeared. It is all available here under the "Project Management Blog" user or under the Project Management topic tag.

The Virtual PMO

A few of the most common questions we get at Pranagy Unlimited LLC are: * Is a virtual project management office right for my organization? * What does my firm need to start a PMO? * What are the benefits of a PMO? * How does my company start building a project management organization? Here […]

How to build a Project Management Office

In today’s complex company environment new projects are continuously being developed as organizations seek new ways to lessen expenses, enhance processes, increase productivity, and build their bottom line. Managing these diverse projects along with their individuals, resources, technology, and communication is really a challenging endeavor for which the risk of failure is frequently far too […]

Project Scheduling

Whenever scheduling a project , check for the following 1) Padding of task durations Team member will play it safe by buffering time required for tasks. This approach usually results in various time wasting practices, e.g., waiting until the last moment to complete a task. As a result, all the safety time can be wasted […]

Project Manager-Solving Team Conflicts

Project Manager-Solving Team Conflicts. When two or more persons work together in a project for a common goal, conflicts may occur. What we mean by conflict – is nothing else but the disagreement that broke out between individuals due to difference in their views, thoughts and opinions. Conflicts are natural. But at any time, it […]