Project Manager-Solving Team Conflicts

Project Manager-Solving Team Conflicts.

When two or more persons work together in a project for a common goal, conflicts may occur. What we mean by conflict – is nothing else but the disagreement that broke out between individuals due to difference in their views, thoughts and opinions. Conflicts are natural. But at any time, it should not disrupt the mutual relationships nor affect the functionality of the entity – be it in personal or professional life.

Dealing with conflicts at work

Professional environment defines a team of members, who are working together in a project for their mutual and organizational goals. Here, the leader i.e. the project manager plays a key role in handling the team to complete.

Conflicts are unavoidable but a solution is essential to give mutual benefits for both employees and organization to complete the project.

Let’s have a look at few tips; essential for a project manager to handle the conflicts within team

1. Analyze the source / reason of the conflict. As a project manager, you should have a complete understanding about the root cause of the problem.
2. Emphasize the need to solve the conflict. Define the solution, what do you have to achieve at the end of the conflict, its causes and consequences
3. Identify the level, when the conflict is constructive and beyond which it becomes destructive for the team
4. Organize indisputable discussion among the team members to explore about the topic and their opinions. This will enable the mutual sharing of information and a clarity of thought within the team
5. Communication during the discussion should be democratic, but the manager should follow autocratic style of communication when needed. A project manager should lead the discussion and not entertain every member to throw their conclusions
6. There should be active participation among the members. Every member should be given chance to speak out, while others should listen carefully
7. During the discussion time, complete focus should be on the topic and no deviations should be entertained by the project manager.
8. Control of emotions and showing of professionalism becomes key points for a project manager, in solving the conflicts
9. Every section of the topic should be analyzed completely, to understand the advantages and / or drawbacks of the solution to be arrived.
10. Note down the key points during discussions and prioritize it for solving the conflict.
11. Arrive on a discussion which is supported by all the members.

A project manager holds the responsibility, in finding a right way to solve the conflict within his team. Instead of staying away or forcing on the solution, a project manager should outline option or solution to resolve the conflict.

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