The Second Key to running Successful Improvement Projects: Senior Sponsor Support

In my previous blog, posted here on the 28th of February, I spoke about the first key to Successful Improvement Projects; “An Uncompromising Focus on the Customer.” At the conclusion of that posting, I promised to follow it up with the second key; Senior Sponsor Support. Read on to find out about the second key…

It is a waste of time to go about improving operations or implementing a new project unless there is a senior sponsor that will advocate, exert influence and resource the project. If the sponsor is not passionate about the change – do not start! I have seen numerous ingenious innovations left to die on the vine. Why? Because the leader was focused on important, urgent and immediate issues while creative people in the organisation had great ideas but no mechanism to bring that idea to market. The senior sponsor plays a critical role when bringing about changes to the business. Sponsor support happens at two very different levels. You need the sponsor’s ‘head’ to provide you support with resources and people. More importantly you need to tap into the sponsors ‘heart’, to find support in the form of an excitement and passion for the improvement. I discuss this further in my newsletter, Silver Bullet 7. Visit Silver Bullet.pdf for more information.

This newsletter includes some practical tips on engaging your sponsor.

As the project rolls out, ensure you maintain communication with the sponsor to give feedback, receive direction and maintain a level of excitement about the success the improvement will bring.

In my next post, I will explore the third key to Successful Improvement Projects: A crystal clear vision.

Dan Jackson
Head Coach 7SIM Business Improvement