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After nearly ten years, the Project Management Blog is no more. I simply didn't have the time or energy to keep it running by recruiting and working with writers and I personally had moved onto Product Management. Regardless, none of that content has disappeared. It is all available here under the "Project Management Blog" user or under the Project Management topic tag.

The Key Elements to Managing Projects the Virtual Way

It is not enough to manage projects virtually, but to properly apply e-project management processes that result in less development time but with improved quality. This is about value and not just cutting costs, after all. Advancements in telecommunication are among the key movers of offshore outsourcing. Without it, back-office operations and application development outsourcing […]

Significant Weaknesses in Commercial Skills & Expertise

£200billion Government Projects at Risk Projects, like businesses, often fail because they are not properly managed, and concern is growing over the lack of experienced project managers with the skills and knowledge base needed to deliver the large projects and programmes being planned over the coming years. A small number of recent headlines; – ‘The […]

10 Steps to project managment success

Want to improve your project success? In this article we’ll tell you in what way, by naming our Topmost 10 hints. So here they are… 10 Points To have a Successful Project 1. Beginning out: Make certain that when you start out your customer specifies their requirements in depth. You want to recognize exactly what […]

What is ‘Project Benefits Management’?

Usually a project is considered successful if groups of the project parameters like cost, time and scope are properly selected and match the expectations of project stakeholders. Some people devote much time and many efforts trying to initiate, plan, track and manage their projects, but they often don’t give a great deal of thoughts to […]

Social Media: The Double Edged Sword

As the expansion of social media websites accelerates, many project managers have asked themselves, “Is the time I spend with my marketing team building social networks worth it or am I wasting my time?” Well, the answer is yes. A recent study conducted by the Nielsen consulting group says that “36% of [an internet user’s] […]

Project Management with Google Wave

Experts say that up to 90% of a project manager’s time is spent on communication either with stakeholders, project team, suppliers or upper management within the organization. That volume speaks about the importance of communication to any project. Experienced project managers can relate to this, when communications is done properly, the project is more likely […]

Skills and experience are not enough

My conviction, from the past learnings, especially in managing people is, we need more than just skills and experience to deliver. I will start with 3 major buckets when looking for resources in a project team. For that matter, into the organization. 1. Skills 2. Experience 3. Qualities Skills are the knowledge elements required for […]