If You Are A Project Manager, Get Your PMP® Certification

If you are like me, it doesn’t really matter how much you are making, you need a pay raise! Vicky Wrona of Global knowledge did a study of Project Manager salaries and discovered that certified PMPs recieve 15-30% more than their non-certified co-workers! Don’t you think it would be worth passing that PMP exam for a 15 to 30% raise? Of course it would. There are some other things that, as a project manager, you have to understand. People count on you. They count on you, as the project manager, to control the scope of the project, control the budget of the project, and keep the project on a course for success. No one wants to be part of a failed project, and as the project manager, you are the responsible one. Standish Group International reported that up to 75% of all IT projects fail. They fail to come in at or under budget, fail to complete on time, or may fail altogether and be canceled. The core cause of the failure? According to Standish Group, it was plain and simple Project Management! Stop being part of the problem, and become part of the solution.

How will PMP certification help me as a project manager?

The PMP certification will give you the training you need to make the projects you manage successes. You are already being trusted to make the core decisions that will drive your projects–don’t you think it is time to get the tools and the training that will give your projects the edge they need to be successful. You owe it to your team to get trained, pass the exam, and get those projects on schedule, to complete on time, within budget, and to successfully fulfill the project objectives. I have seen how project managers that have become PMP certified have really matured and have been able to bring down project costs, managed schedule over-runs, and learned to deal with stakeholders better than ever before. You owe it to your employer, to your co-workers, but especially to yourself. Your success as a project manager will earn you that 15-30% raise that you deserve, and people will know you deserve it with that PMP at the end of your name.