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After nearly ten years, the Project Management Blog is no more. I simply didn't have the time or energy to keep it running by recruiting and working with writers and I personally had moved onto Product Management. Regardless, none of that content has disappeared. It is all available here under the "Project Management Blog" user or under the Project Management topic tag.

Stakeholder analysis

Stakeholder identification entails conducting a comprehensive stakeholder analysis (rarely, it’s called Stakeholder identification method or Stakeholder identification technique). A group of people responsible for stakeholder identification creates a stakeholder table where stakeholder groups, project goals and ways to achieve these goals are included. Being a tool to conduct a complete stakeholder analysis within the stakeholder […]

Top ten reasons why a project fails

1. Poor planning: Who are your IT managers and do they get enough opportunity to plan or under pressure from senior management they tend to think planning as a waste of time because they believe that time is better spent doing something rather than planning. Do you involve your project team in planning? Do they […]

The Value of Project Templates

We’re often asked “Why are templates so valuable” so we thought we’d answer the question in this Article. There are 5 reasons why managers and teams find templates so useful. They are as follows: They save you time On every new project, you have to fill-in documents to plan, track and report on the status […]

Enterprise level Project and Portfolio Management: Tips for Success

1. The ultimate long-term relationship: Secure and maintain executive management support: To gain and sustain project momentum, executives must support the automation of project and portfolio management processes that span multiple business units. • Enterprise projects cross organizational boundaries and touch multiple levels within each business unit. To keep support from end users, it is […]

Is the PMP exam worth it?

I’ve worked in marketing and product development for a biotech startup for about three years. I have no formal training in project management and it hasn’t been mentioned in my job description, but I’ve been working in a project management capacity for most of my time here. Shortly after I came on board, we were […]

IT – Internal projects

In the following posts I’ll define the term “Internal projects” and will show that they are essential for any IT department. Despite the fact that there are managers out there, that understand the value of inner projects and the fact that these project already exist, too many IT departments still fail to understand how important […]

Synchronizing Business goals with PMO goals…

It is imperative to understand the overall Business goals of an Organization while it comes to executing Projects. In today’s world of rapid change, often Management has to fine tune the methods and roadmap to reaching Business Goals. Eventually this frequent one degree shift impacts the whole Organization. However these changes are not trickled down […]

Risk Management Notes

Overview: Risk management is a key, if under-appreciated, part of project management. Managing things that you’ve mapped out thoroughly and understand in detail is challenging at times, a science in its own right. However, a knack for managing unknowns elevates your work to the level of art. Every professional Project Manager understands the triple constraints […]