Codebase^2 Redux

As I described before, last week I was forced to fork the codebase on an application that I had previously built a role-based permissions system to handle the variations between the systems.

Well, as I have predicted, development has continued in all four versions and I am being told to merge all of the updates and changes into the latest production systems. For future reference, I'll be calling production & development for one group S-P and S-D and T-P and T-D for the other group.

I have been working extensively in T-P due to my inability to connect to the T-D server reliably. This has caused a pretty large divergence and prevented me from using the group source repository, but I have a local Subversion install, so this is a minor inconvenience. In addition to this, one of the other developers is making significant changes to S-D and fixing critical bugs on S-P at HQ. These changes are going to be pushed out to S-P any moment and now The Boss wants them pushed to T-P asap.

I had planned to do all of this on Monday/Tuesday once I'm back in the office, able to use the main repository, and able to fire up my diff tools on the different servers.

Alas, Ours is Not to Reason Why…