More details from the Road.

After working a 10 hour day with a 30 minute break for lunch yesterday, we took another 2 hours off and came back to the office until 11pm.

I'm building a Billing Module for the application that I've cultivated since the early Requirements stages. I have 8 pages of requirements, but none of them detail anything useful about the Billing. The only requirements are:
* The system must support billing.
* A markup percentage (0-100%) must be configurable on a per-customer basis.

Obviously the second requirement has some actionable information in it, but the first is a waste of ink. Therefore, I have built a simple Customers table which has all of the customer information along with an decimal representing the markup. I intend to build a simple dropdown where any value from 0-100 can be selected. Eventually, they'll change their requirement and I decided that this would be the simplest way to support the future changes.

Unfortunately, the deltas are escalating between the four systems. I plan to be tied up for a solid day or two trying to re-sync the codebases and make sure that the various bugs and functionality are the same. Arg.