Developer Smackdown #46 on Community

Last month I attended SXSW for the third time. In addition to having a good time and meeting up with friends & colleagues, I had the chance to be a guest on Developer Smackdown to talk about Community and the similarities and differences between them in the PHP and .Net Communities.

Unicorn Rhinos, Mexican Martini’s, and 2 My Style Community Tacos

WARNING * WARNING * WARNING, this is a LONG show which is RAW and unfiltered. If you have small children present, you’ve been warned. During SxSW Clark sat down with Keith Casey, Jeff Blankenburg and Brandon Satrom and talked community. Each of us represent different technical communities and different areas across the United States. Clark attempts to get to the heart of what does and doesn’t work in their respective communities.

[Listen to the whole thing here]

We spend quite a bit of time talking about DCPHP Beverage Subgroup, CodeMash, Austin PHP, and even mention Damon Clinkscales of Austin on Rails and how they fit together and are trying different things to build, grow, and support community.

Thanks to show host Clark Sell and co-guests Brandon Satrom and Jeff Blankenburg, all three of whom serve as Developer/Platform Evangelists for Microsoft. Overall, the whole thing was a blast and I hope to work with those guys again soon.