dotProject at MySQL Conference 2007

In case you've missed my previous 38 announcements, I will be one of a team of three representing dotProject at the MySQL Conference in the dotOrg Pavillion.

It's the first time that we've had an “official” presence and has led us to gather and compile information that we've never had to before. It has been a great chance for us to do some mental house cleaning and get things in order to get a coherent message an hit the points we want and need. We will have demo systems, informational sheets, and contact information on some of the companies providing professional support. This is yet another opportunity for the people who write the tools to meet with the people who use the tools. What could be better?

During the exhibit time, we will be along side groups like phpMyAdmin who set the agenda for web-based database tools for MySQL. We'll likely bump into the XAMPP crew who provide the excellent unified AMP stack for Windows users. In one room, you'll get to meet many of the people who drive development and tools within the LAMP community and who generally make our lives easier. Personally, I know my Beer Debt will never be repaid to some of these people.

On a related note, check out the MySQL cheat sheet linked to above. It's part of a series from David Child called Cheat Sheets and they're great. Thanks David!