dotProject at the MySQL Conference

In case you missed the mention of it during the CaseySoftware: Annual Assessment Part 2, I am a member of small team which will be presenting dotProject at the MySQL Users' Conference. We will be demonstrating dotProject, talking about ways to get in the community, and showing how you can use it in your organization.

In addition, it will be a chance for the larger mysql community to come check out what's going on in a number of Open Source projects and for those projects to show themselves off just a bit. 😉

This presentation space was given to us by MySQL through their Community Relations Manager Lenz Grimmer and we thank them for the opportunity.

In case you are considering attending the conference and are not convinced, check out some of the other PHP highlights:

This event is to promote the dotProject community and not CaseySoftware, LLC. If you have any suggestions on dotProject schwag, let me know…