dotProject / Mantis Integration Released!

After a long hiatus, product #2 – the dotProject/Mantis Integration is available for sponsorship and download…

dotProject – a web-based Project Management – which forms the core of most of CaseySoftware's operations now has integration with Mantis Bugtracker. This provides users of either system to completely monitor and manage all information associated with issues and tickets submitted via either system.

A demo of the system is available for review:
[permanently offline]
[permanently offline]
using the credentials: admin / testtest

Initially, we considered implementing a completely different module with a completely distinct codebase, but opted instead to use the dotProject Module known as “Helpdesk” as the framework. It supports a pluggable backend which offers compatibility with the base Helpdesk structure, Eventum, and now Mantis. One of my personal goals is to continue these efforts and offer a simple interface to FogBugz, Cerberus, and other proprietary systems as customers request. I believe that this will continue to demonstrate the usefulness of these systems while simultaneously blurring the lines between them and giving everyone involved better information.

There are two known weaknesses in this current implementation:

* First, a project must be named identically between the two systems in order for matching to occur. This is quite simple to ensure and project names in either system can be changed quite quickly.

* Second, a user must have the same User id in each system. This implementation may be replaced with a lookup/cache model similar to that of the Domino Bridge.

If you're interested in participating in this sponsorship and wish to receive this module, simply procced to the Mantis / dotProject Integration and add it to your cart. All code – thouroughly tested with dotProject 2.0.x and Mantis 1.x – along with installation instructions is delivered within 24 hours. In this case, the two sets of tables are not required to be in the same database or even the same server as long as there is a mysql user who has permissions on both.

Please note:These demos should *not* be used to store sensitive and/or production information. All data is wiped and restored to a base state on a regular basis. This also means that if some fool decides to change the passwords or write offensive messages, don't worry about it and check back in a few hours.