dotProject Permissions 201

You have probably reached this page looking for dotproject support. These instructions might still apply but I make no promises. Our efforts have moved onto the fork called “web2project.” which is dotproject refactored from the ground up specifically for performance, stability, and extensibility.

After many recent threads about permissions “errors” in the dotProject forums, I've decided to describe one set of permissions here. This is not all of the permissions in effect here at CaseySoftware, but it is the main set used throughout daily usage. If you have questions, feel free to post them below.

Role: Project Worker
Non-Admin Modules – Allow – Access, Add, Delete, Edit, View
Companies – Deny – Access, Add, Delete, Edit, View
Reports – Allow – Access, Add, Delete, Edit, View

Explanation: This gives access for a User to do anything they want on any of the non-admin modules *except* for Company. But since all of my Projects are assigned to a company, they can't actually see anything other than the navigation menu and empty screens.

Test Results: I just created a new User with *only* this Role. The only Nav options visible are Projects, Tasks, Calendar, Files, Contacts, SmartSearch, Links, Reports. Under each, there is no data visible other than information not associated with any Company… for example, some of the Contacts.

Now, I got back and add the following permissions to this user:
Companies – CaseySoftware, LLC – Allow – Access, View

The User can now view all the information associated with my Company. This includes all of its Projects, Files, Contacts, etc. This user could even create new projects if they wanted, but only for this Company.

Now, since this is a ficticious contractor user, I add the following permissions:

Companies – Acme Anvil Corporation – Allow – Access, View

The User can now view all the information associated with this additional Company. Everything they could do/see for CaseySoftware, LLC now applies here too. Now, if they were working on this company's projects, they could log time against tasks, whatever.

Now let's say I have a single Project within CaseySoftware, LLC that the person shouldn't see, so I add these permissions:

Projects – Secret Anvil Development – Deny – Access, View, Add, Edit, Delete

This prevents the User from seeing *anything* involved with this project. No Tasks, no Files, no Calendar Events.