dotProject Training & Manual

Update The dotproject manual is available.

In an effort to add to the professionalism and acceptance of dotProject, it is about to have pair of major contributions on the map:

dotProject Training and the dotProject Manual

Next week, I will be traveling to one of our major US customers to handle a 2.5 day training workshop where I will bring a dozen of their staff members up to speed on:

  • using dotProject on a day to day basis. This includes things like how to get useful information out of reports, how to handle scheduling and task assignments, and best practices developed over the past years of usage.
  • managing dotProject. This includes how to configure and customize it from the ground up, integrate it into an existing architecture in terms of security (LDAP), email servers, and a working together to customize their configuration for their usage.
  • extending dotProject. This includes how to use the existing dotProject architecture and methods to extend and customize it to meet specific customer and workflow needs.

This will be the first time these sessions have been giving outside the Washington, DC area, but with the increasing acceptance and usage of dotProject, this should steadily grow over time. In terms of availability, the training sessions will be available starting in July with a minimum of 5 participants required. If you are local to the Washington, DC Metro region, this may be waived or modified on a case by case basis.

The dotProject Manual is specifically geared towards this curriculum but also expands into a few other areas such as a detailed look at the various modules, their usage, and an extensive FAQ. The manual will be available in pdf – or possibly eBook – from our distributor. Availability will be announced in early July. In the meantime, some sections will be excerpted on CaseySoftware.

The session does not grant Professional Development Units from the Project Management Institute, but I hope to get authorization within the coming months.