dotProject v2.0 Released!

After a year of development, anticipation, frustration, and dedication by an entire group of developers, dotProject v2.0 is live! There is a huge new feature set along with lots of those annoying little issues cleared up.

Karen did a fantastic job at thanking everyone involved (I'm caseydk over there), but she made one mistake. She didn't include anything about herself. Let me do that here:

Karen has provided a huge amount of support in the forums. She not only answers questions as a few others do, but hunts and fights the trolls and troublemakers. She has managed to quell a few arguements early on before they turn into forum-wide firefights. She also provides a huge amount of admin support on the Bug/Issue side of things. She reviews issues, provides useful feedback, and generally makes sure that things run smoothly. So thanks to you too Karen.

On other fronts, the bootstrapping of CaseySoftware is proceeding relatively close to schedule and the current projection is that nearly everything should launch by May 1st.