dotProject/Mantis Integration

For those of you who haven't been following the saga, one of our major projects here at CaseySoftware is to provide a integration module for dotProject and Mantis. It's still moving, but customers obviously must come first.

We believe that dotProject provides a solid web interface for the tracking and management of a project throughout its lifecycle. This works especially well with software projects where everyone has a computer available all of the time and can update tasklogs, upload files for collaboration, and report on project status.

We also believe that Mantis provides a great system for the reporting, classification, and tracking of issues and requirements that come up through the lifecycle of a project. It's interface is a bit unpolished, but the functionality is high quality.

Therefore, our integration effort is once again going fullsteam. The read-only functionaly is complete. A user can submit a bug in Mantis and view a list and all the detail in dotProject. User synchronization is moving towards completion. The goal is to allow users to be created in dotProject and automagically be created in Mantis. In addition, when a username or email is changed in either system, the information would propagate back to the other system. The next – and significantly more difficult – part is being able to submit/edit a bug through the dotProject interface and have all of the relevant Mantis data update correctly.

The status of all of this will be reported on regularly and hopefully released within the next couple weeks. Our next task will be investigation the export process of Microsoft Project and building an import process for dotProject.