Have Domain, Will Blog

For those of you who probably weren't paying attention, most of CaseySoftware has moved from our old host to a new dedicated server. There are still a few things left on the old server and all content/config should be moved here now. If you notice anything odd, please drop me an email webmaster [at] caseysoftware.com or leave a comment here. Now onto more interesting things…

CaseySoftware recently faced two dilemmas:

We are active in the Open Source Community, in forums such as Joel On Software, and connected with various bloggers around the country and the world. As a result, we're advocates of sharing information, challenging ideas, and picking up the pieces to build something better. There are lots of places to do this, but we've found that there are great developers completely disconnected with community and therefore suffering as a result.

Second, we had a spare domain name lying around – we actually have a few lying around, but that's beside the point – with basically no traffic and a brand new dedicated server.

It seemed like a logical solution, so we created CodeSnipers: Connecting Developers, Building Worlds and put out an open call for software developers around the world. And what do you know… we found some!

CodeSnipers is a blog where software developers can get together, discuss ideas, and share. We're all using our names to blog and have basic profiles available, so we're working with a very high level of transparency. One of the things that you'll notice right off the bat is that although we have postings categorized, everyone contributes to the mainpage. We have ten great developers from all over the world and have a wealth of skills and experience represented. I hope that you find something to enjoy and learn from.

At this current time, we have no available slots. As the site grows, segments into specific interest areas, or people leave, we will handle calls for new people via the site or via invite. If you want to participate and don't want to wait, pass around the links and help the site grow.