Short Blogging Break

Due to all the activity over the next week, blogging is likely to be light around here.

For those who are interested, here is the itinerary. If you happen to be at one of these events, let me know and we could meet up.

14 Oct: Personal Business
15 Oct: Paul Graham's Startup School in Cambridge, Mass

This should be a great time to connect with other startup companies, some legendary figures (Good God, I get to meet Woz!), and talk with some smart people. I've found that simply spending some time and bouncing ideas and concepts off of other smart people – whether you're the bouncer or the bouncee – helps solidify ideas and kill off bad ones.

17-21 Oct: Power Your Business With PHP Conference in Burlingame, CA

This should be great. I'm looking forward to discussing dotProject to anyone who will listen and talking about our recent project, the Domino Bridge. I believe that most of the people there will already be sold on using PHP, now it's just a challenge on selling them on dotProject.

Signing off.