Nominate web2project for Sourceforge Awards

On the web2project team, we've had some jumps ahead and some quiet periods just like any other team.  Through it all, we've managed to take dotProject, provide some major updates, fixes, and improvements, and finally roll a system that looks v1.0 ready.  We've been able to do this most of all because of the budding community we have around us… on a daily basis, they're assisting us, reporting issues for everyone, and generally holding people accountable.

Towards that goal, I'd like to do something that acknowledges the project and the community we have going.  I think we have a shot to be SourceForge's “Best New Project”.  I'd like to say that we're already a nominee, but we're not… luckily, that's where you can change things.

From SourceForge's Community Site:

On Wednesday, we opened nominations for the 2009 Community Choice Awards. During the nomination phase, we want you to tell us which projects you think should win in each of the 12 categories. The most nominated projects will become finalists in their categories. We’re only accepting nominations until May 29th, though, so time is short.

So all it takes is for you to click the crazy robot icon (above) or this button: