Personal Strengths

A few months ago, I was at a Christian Leadership Conference by the Willow Creek Association where a slightly-hyper-Brit by the name of Marcus Buckingham spoke about his book: Now, Discover Your Strengths or simply NDYS. He discussed leadership patterns across different companies, the satisfaction of individuals within organizations, how these affect motivation and effectiveness, and overall how to keep people engaged. He was talking about organizations in general, but most of the people at the conference were church and other mostly volunteer organizations.

I was reminded about this when I came across one of the Slacker Manager's latest posts about his own personal strengths and how it is used as criteria for hiring. He used NDYS as the core of this evaluation for himself and his staff and it allowed them to evaluate where the overall strengths and weaknesses of the team are.

I will be placing my order for this book shortly as I think KC and I should work our way through it for future recruiting efforts.