Sleep is for the weak

So I guess I finally admit it, I'm weak.

After last week's whirlwind adventure and 60+ hours of working, I took the weekend off from posting mostly to rest, recuperate, and experience the joy of various Christmas Parties. No, I have no shame in saying it because that's what they were.

Anyway, CEO and I are looking for a good webhost. We've investigated various hosts – Rackspace, 1and1, Interland, and a few others but noe seem to meet our requirements. In this first iteration, we are looking for a Linux-based host, approximately 100 mb space, ssh access, php 4.x.x, 1+ GB monthly bandwidth, and (here's the kicker) as many mySQL databases as possible. Without going to some of the larger-scale business accounts, most packages top out at 3 mySQL databases. This is not acceptable for what we need…

In the meantime, I will begin a new on the dotProject/Mantis integretation and hopefully get started on the dotProject/SugarCRM integration here shortly. We have also received many notes and questions about financial management systems within dotProject. At this point there are none. It is also on the agenda.