PM411 Podcast – dotProject

This week, one of the fearless leaders of dotProject submitted herself to the excruciating process of being interviewed and sharing some thoughts on dotProject, its goals, and some thoughts on the system as a whole. PM411 carries all gory details and full audio:


Podcast episode 014: dotProject collaborative project management software

Today I talk with Karen Chisholm, from Melbourne, Australia, who serves as an admin for dotproject, an free, open source, web-based project management application designed to provide project layout and control functions. dotProject aims to provide the project manager with a tool to manage team tasks, communication, and file sharing. Within the application there are several core modules that allows the user to track work by company, project, task, and contact. Additional free add-on modules allow additional functionality, such as importing Microsoft Project Tasks into dotProject.

All joking aside, check out the thoughts and interview from one of our own glorious leaders, Karen Chisholm. I've done one radio interview and I have to admit that it's a bit stressful, especially if you don't have an idea of the agenda or questions. So I think Karen did wonderfully… and who knew that Australians had accents?

If you're here looking for the Microsoft Project Importer, it's available for here: Project Importer.

And there's news coming out on the Importer this week… 😉