Project Importer v2.0 Release

This is the latest and greatest release and resolves a number of small issues and makes some advances in terms of the module overall. The biggest single change is the class structure itself. As in it has one now.

Previously, the module was focused exclusively on importing Microsoft Project files and demonstrated this through a single implementation of preview() and import() for the entire module. The new structure implments a simple BaseImporter extended by a MSProjectImporter. Eventually this will include additional importer classes as they are written (hint, hint).

As a result of this and a few other smaller changes, this module is no longer PHP4-compatible. You must use PHP5+ and dotProject 2.1rc1+ and the module has checks added to stop you from trying to use older version.

No, don't ask for it to be backported to older versions. PHP4 is deprecated and dotProject v2.04 and older are (mostly) deprecated.

I'd like to thank Alain Charles and James Feger for input and sample files that exercised a parent/child error introduces in v1.5.

Release Notes:

  • Fixed the parent/child relationship error. In the v1.5 release, a bug was introduced which could cause parent/child relationships to be lost.
  • Fixed the User case mismatch error. Previously, when the Importer created Users, it would use the same capitalization from the Microsoft Project file's Resources. Unfortunately, this often created sitatuations wherea a new User named "Keith" was created while "keith" was an existing User. The Importer now makes all usernames lowercase to match the rest of the system.
  • Improved overall memory management. Previously, with 64M allocated to PHP, approximately 100 tasks in a single project plan could be imported. With the new memory management, 64M has proven sufficient to import 450+ tasks.
  • Adjusted the install() and remove() functions in the setup procedure to automatically attempt to install the translation files (English and German currently) to their proper locations within dotProject. This ensures that all language changes via the Translation Management are reflected.

Version 2.0 of the Project Importer can be downloaded here.