Project Importer 2.2 Final Release

This one has been an incredibly long time in coming, but it's finally happened: The latest Project Importer release!

This release can be downloaded here: Project Importer v2.2

The big updates for this one are simple:

  • Found and resolved an issue where it was possible to assign a project to Company 0 which would prevent all users from accessing the project in any way. This issue was introduced in the last release. Oops.
  • Added a contribution from Wellison da Rocha Pereira to allow for importing of WBS Gant Chart Pro v4.4 files. This appears to work with the sample files but unfortunately, the number of available files of this type has been extremely limited. If you run into issues, please provide the file you are attempting to import.
  • Added a contribution from Richard Siomporas to allow the User to choose whether or not to import Users from the imported file.

If you are using any version of dotProject prior to this – including any of the 2.0.x releases – please upgrade as soon as possible to address various security, usability, and functionality issues. If you must use one of those dotProject releases, please check out v1.3 of the Project Importer.

Due to a security vulnerability with the existing dotProject release (as of 19 July), this is definitively last release of this module. All further development will occur on web2project.

All releases of this module as of v2.0 are known to be incompatible with PHP4. Do not try to use it, do not ask us to backport the module. PHP4 will reach its End of Life on 08 August 2008. Please upgrade to PHP5 as soon as your organization is ready.

This release can be downloaded here: Project Importer v2.2