The Power of Blogging / Thanks to Dan Melson

I just wanted to drop a big note of thanks to Dan Melson of Searchlight Crusade. He's a fellow Canival of the Capitalist contributor/host and I recently contacted him in reference to a condo that I was considering buying.

He discussed the standard options, laid of the details and gotchas of the various lending tactics and generally gave a huge amount of time and thought to someone that is otherwise a completely unknown. With his help, I was able to ask some penetrating questions which – I believe – struck a cord with at least one of the lending agents who failed to call me back afterwards. In the meantime, I was able to get things in writing and agreed upon in advance of the Closing (tomorrow) and generally decrease my anxiety level.

As others have said recently, Everyone's an Expert (about something) and that's what Dan demonstrated. If you're looking for complete straightfoward and honest information, go poke around his blog Searchlight Crusade and read, read, read.

Thanks Dan!