Tired of all the big conferences been 2000+ miles and a five hour flight away? Tired of hearing about all the latest toys after the fact and saying "I wish I came up with hat!" Well, no more…

Charting the Next Course

Yes, it's in Baltimore, Maryland. Yes, it's in 11 days. Yes, it's free. Yes, it's about figuring out and conjecturizing about where the web is going.

Yes, Facebook Apps can be useful…

Yes, Social Media is interesting…

Yes, mobile is starting to gain momentum…

But what is happening tomorrow? Where are things going? How will they get there?

This is an opportunity to bring together the developers, the experts, the users, and talk about the direction of things. It's free to attend but you have to bring a few things… ideas, concepts, opinions, and feedback. You need to share where you think the web is going. How you think our interactions will change. How you think applications will change. What questions and information businesses are looking for.

Just remember to register on the Barcamp Wiki.


When: May 10 2008 / 8:30AM – 10PM

Where: University of Baltimore, Thumel Business Center Building
Mt. Royal and Charles Streets, Baltimore, MD

For transportation, there's already a carpool from Philly and Wilmington, Delaware. There will probably be a group from DC, but nothing is organized yet.

Feel free to follow the SocialDevCamp Twitterstream for the latest and greatest updates…

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