Speaking/Conference Schedule

For any who are/aren't interested, I have finalized my conference schedule for the rest of the year.

First, I will be speaking at the DC PHP conference on REST Web Services. I'm working on a Secret Project(tm) with REST right now and it seemed quite fitting. IThe conference runs 19-20 October right here in Washington, DC just 30 days from now. It should be an exciting time as some of the other speakers are Rasmus Lerdorf aka creator of PHP, Chris Shiflett the PHP security guy, and Elliott White III who runs some little website.

Next, just 10 days later, I will head to the other coast to attend the Zend PHP Conference from 29 October to 02 November. I wrote extensive coverage last year (Day 1, Day 2, Day 2', Day 3, and Day4) and plan to provide similar coverage this year. I plan to meet up with a number of people – including the Ruby Geek herself – and probably owe a beer or two to some select members of the community.

Finally, on 13 December, I will be giving a presentation to the DC PHP Users' Group on Smarty Templates. After my recent creation of Dummy Templates and fighting through the conversion of dotProject to Smarty, I think there's a need in the community to encourage php'ers to work harder to separate display and presentation.

If you happen to know that you'll be at any of these events, drop me a note and we can make a point of meeting up. If all goes well, I'll collect another round of interviews from various community members for CodeSnipers.